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Noi Italia. 100 statistics to understand the country we live in provides a general framework for understanding the different economic and social aspects of our country, its role within Europe and its territorial differences.

This product offers a selection of the most interesting statistical indicators, ranging from economy to culture, to the labour market, to household economic conditions, public finance, environment.

More than 100 indicators organised in 6 topics and 19 sectors, and the brief comments accompanying them, are easily accessible by means of simple visualization tools. The latter facilitate reading and understanding phenomena in space and time. Graphs can be exported, and the whole dataset of time series together with other additional data can be downloaded in excel format. Further information are available for each sector (Publications and Useful links) which enable to go deeper in the aspects you are interested in. The whole database and its 19 sectors can be captured, together with Sources, Definitions, Publications and Useful links by using the Data download icon on the homepage. This year, moreover, a new interactive graphic representation allows a comparison over time between Italy and other European countries. In particular, for some indicators, the ranking of countries in 2010 and in most recent year available are presented together, which allows an immediate reading of Italy's position.